Diodela joins LITEK™ - Diodela - Photonics Solutions for Industry

Diodela joins LITEK™

Diodela joins Laser & Engineering Technologies Cluster (LITEK). LITEK™ mission is to cooperate companies and organizations operating in laser and Photonics related engineering technology fields. By working together in R&D activities, to develop world-class laser and engineering technologies.

According to LITEK™ cluster coordinator K. Ananičienė, “Diodela” is a great example that shows that the knowledge of the highest level of photonic technologies developed in Lithuania is actively commercialized, and solutions based on laser technologies are increasingly available not only to this field specialists, but also to others- restorers or shipbuilders. “Diodela” proves that innovative photonic solutions can be the key to a sustainable industrial breakthrough.

LITEK™ states that sharing ideas and convenient business environment are one of the main reasons for more efficient business operations and growing results and we could not agree more. We are excited to develop innovative laser technologies together with other industry leaders! 

Read more: https://litek.lt/posts/diodela-joins-cluster-community/?lang=en 

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