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“The Technological Development”

On 12th of October, we held a presentation at “The Technological Development Seminar” organized by Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (https://www.ftmc.lt/en/) where we presented our Laser Welding and Laser Cleaning technologies to Industry professionals from Lithuania.

The purpose of this seminar was to present the most effective laser technologies that are used in Lithuania and export markets for industrial companies and their management teams. That was a great opportunity to meet the laser technology developers and producers directly and to find the best solution for industrial applications.

Our main message was to encourage Industrial companies to innovate and start using laser technologies now. Laser technologies that we are developing in Lithuania are:

  1. Very easy to operate. The laser operator does not need to have a welder/cleaner background since the technology is easy to use. Our systems are able to save welding/cleaning parameters, which allows to reach consistent results every time.
  2. Highly effective with zero unwanted mechanical or chemical effects to the base material.
  3. They will improve Company’s overall results as laser technologies are faster and able to reach better welding and industrial cleaning results.
  4. Industrial Lithuanian design is built for durability and effectiveness.

We want to thank everyone for participating once again!

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