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Laser Welding

Laser Beam welding is one of many of industrial laser processes and is used to join various materials together by creating a strong weld between them. This process can be used to create a strong and permanent joint between two types of material.

Laser Welding Solutions and Advantages

Laser Beam Welding Solutions

Diodela is a manufacturer of laser welding and laser cleaning systems. Company offers multi-functional products for various industrial applications. Our laser systems are used in industrial processing, military, scientific research and aero-space all over the world. At Diodela we closely work with scientists, engineers and Industrial companies which allow us to have a best photonics based solutions in the market. Diodela customer orientated services ensure that our customers find the best photonics-based technology which meets their business needs. 

Unlimited Possibilities

  • Ultimate precision – user can easily achieve a high level of accuracy even without welder background.
  • Creating complicated joints – our laser technology allows creating complicated joints easily which is not possible with other traditional welding techniques.
  • Low level of heat – process uses a low heat application that minimizes any damage which could otherwise have been caused to the components or materials.
  • Memory – laser welding technology allows saving your parameters for next welding to achieve consistent results and save up a lot of preparation time.
  • High strength welds – as well as consistent welds, laser welding allows to make monolithic joints


  • Close to zero physical distortion – when thin large sheets are joined, laser welding avoids thermal and physical distortion of the end product without additional processing.
  • Low welding oxidation – Fiber laser welding method provides ultimately precise heat input to desired area with narrow full penetration weld which makes an aesthetic final result.
  • Excellent mechanical properties – laser welding does not affect material or its structural properties.
  • Easy to operate even for weld beginners – due to laser welding memory of set up parameters.
  • Very high efficiency – laser welding is >5 times faster than MIG and >10 times faster to TIG.
  • Long and wide sheets welding
  • Cost efficient welding solution – low energy consumption.
  • Allows welding of sheets with different steel grades and dimensions.


  • Relatively high single-time investment costs compared to traditional methods.
  • Fiber laser welding requires a tight fit between the parts to be joined. In many cases it is best to redesign the joint locations to present overlapping surfaces.
  • Limited material thickness (today’s maximum 10mm single sided).

Laser Welding Application


Welding of numerous parts such as air bag initiators, batteries and fuel injectors for high strength welds.


Welding of different varieties of metals is critically important in this industry while laser welding guarantees precision, no damage for the materials due to precise heat input to desired area and high strength welds.


Welding is used in the production of various electronic components of equipment such as LED’s, mobile phones, TVs, etc. to create precise and complicated joints.


A wide range of materials can be worked with in this process:

  • Various Plastics, including transparent plastics;
  • Silicone;
  • Metals (Stainless-Steel, Copper, Gold, Silver and Aluminum);


High integrity, hermetic seals and welds of many precise pieces of innovative medical equipment for ultimate precision.


Small welds are created in micro sized semiconductor parts because of laser welding precision and possibility to create complicated joints.

Furniture Manufacturing

Precise aluminum and steel components welding with laser possibility to keep a memory of desired parameters for next welding to achieve consistent results and save up a lot of preparation time.

About Us

Diodela was originally founded as a spin-off from Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC). Using FTMC developed and exclusively licensed laser technology our company produces Industrial laser systems for laser welding, cleaning and other photonics based material processing. Due to close collaboration with laser science centers and vast experience in photonics, Diodela team is able to build innovative and precise laser systems that meet all Industrial needs.

Diodela have started its production of laser welding systems in 2020. This new generation technology was developed for industrial users that seek for innovation and precision in their daily processes.

At Diodela we rely on lasers every day and especially in challenging situations. Our laser systems are made by professional scientists and engineers using the best theoretical and practical experience. We closely cooperate with Industrial companies to understand their needs and offer solution that improves their technological processes.

Our mission is to create an industrial breakthrough by supporting innovative companies with excellent quality and client orientated photonics solutions. Our vision is to become a leading company in Industrial Photonics field that offers reliable, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Diodela is located in Lithuania, Vilnius. The city has a long history in photonics where many well-known photonics companies were established.

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Laser Beam Welding

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