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Photonics Solutions for Industry

Laser Welding

Laser beam welding is and industrial process used to join various materials together by creating a strong weld between them. This process can be used to create a strong and permanent joint between two types of material.

Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning is an industrial process used to remove unwanted coatings or deposits with highly concentrated laser light from various surfaces. No chemicals or abrasives are used in this process.

Photonics Solutions

Laser Technologies

Diodela is a manufacturer of laser welding and laser cleaning systems. Company offers multi-functional products for various industrial applications. Our laser systems are used in industrial processing, military, scientific research, and aero-space all over the world.

At Diodela we closely work with scientists, engineers, and Industrial companies, allowing us to have the most innovative photonics-based solutions in the market. Diodela’s customer-orientated services ensure that our customers find the best laser technologies which meet their business needs. 

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Our Clients

Diodela laser welding and laser cleaning machines are built for companies that seek innovation and sustainability. Our systems are built to increase our customers’ productivity and earnings, at the same time being user and environment–friendly.

Most of our clients are manufacturing companies in the automotive and machinery, furniture, aerospace, electronics, medical and semi-conductor industries. Our expertise and scientific background allow advising the most suitable solutions for each client’s needs. 

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About Us

Diodela is a Photonics solutions provider for Industry. Diodela was originally founded as a spin-off from the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC). Using FTMC developed and exclusively licensed laser technology our company produces Industrial laser systems for laser welding, cleaning, and other photonics-based material processing. Due to close collaboration with laser science centers and vast experience in photonics, the Diodela team is able to build innovative and precise laser machines that meet all Industrial needs.

At Diodela we use laser technology to create a better experience of welding and material surface cleaning with unlimited precision, high efficiency, and no thermal distortion. Our laser systems are made by professional scientists and engineers using the best theoretical and practical experience. We closely cooperate with Industrial companies to understand their needs and offer a solution that improves their technological processes. We maintain full control of production processes, ensure high quality, competitive prices, fast production times, and professional customer support.

At Diodela our laser systems are built to increase our customers’ productivity and earnings, at the same time being user and environment–friendly. Our mission is to create an industrial breakthrough by supporting innovative companies with excellent quality and client-orientated photonics solutions.

We encourage industrial companies to innovate and be many steps ahead in their industries. Diodela will make this journey smooth, cost, and time effective.

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Laser Beam Welding

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