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Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding can reach a speed of 5 m/min, almost no processing is required after welding, precise seams, the thermal effect occurs only at the welding seam (the edges of the metal do not heat up), there is no metal deformation (even 1 mm thick metal sheets do not deform after welding ), lower electricity consumption.

The laser welding machine allows you to weld stainless steel, aluminum, ferrous metal. For welding copper and other non-ferrous metals, a modified laser source with a wavelength of 532 nm is required.

Laser welding systems can work 24/7. Diodela laser machine will work for approximately 10 years (90 000 working hours).

Our laser systems can be used both manually and with a robotic arm.

The laser welding machine allows you to save the parameters, so every time you select them, you will get the same result. On average, the operator is able to maintain the same quality of welding during welding with a laser machine within a week, when, for example, it often takes years to develop the skills for high-quality welding with standard methods.

When the distance between the materials to be welded is up to 100 um, then the additional wire is not needed, the welding seam is monolithic. During laser welding, an additional wire is used at a distance of more than 100 um between the materials to be welded.

The radiation of the laser welding system has no negative effects on human skin and acts like normal light. However, it can damage the eyes, therefore, it is necessary to use the protective measures recommended by Diodela (wear special safety glasses). Source:


Technical maintenance of Diodela laser welding machine: the system uses electricity and inert gas (15-20 l/min), the cooling system requires distilled water (recommended to be changed every 6 months), lens cleaning (once a week. Cleaning process is simple as the principle is similar to cleaning glasses), lens replacement after they wear out (on average every 1-2 months, depending on use and maintenance quality), replacement of nozzles on demand.

15 – 20 l/min Argon gas is used during laser welding

Diodela laser machines have CE certificates.

Yes, the laser welding system is sold with an wire feeder mechanism.

Yes, we can do an individual demonstration and answer all your questions using the video conferencing platform.

We can also perform welding work with the samples you sent, record the welding process, take pictures of the welded seams and send all the material and welded samples to you.

When using a laser welding machine, safety glasses must be worn. If the room is not ventilated, extraction equipment is necessary. To ensure maximum safety, a 9 sq.m. area must be isolated where laser welding will take place. This can be a closed room or an area covered by curtains that keep laser radiation out. It must be ensured that only people with safety glasses can enter this area, thus warning signs or warning tape must be used. For any questions regarding a safe working environment, contact us via

It takes about 1 minute to prepare the laser welding system for repeated use.

The working environment temperature of the laser welding system cannot be lower than 0 and not higher than 40 degrees Celsius.

The main differences are welding depth, welding speed and electricity consumption.

All specifications can be found on page 5 of the catalogue (find a link for the catalogue below).

The price of Diodela laser welding equipment starts at EUR 12,000. depending on the system model. Contact us by email sales@diodela.LT for the offer.

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