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Laser Welding And Laser Cleaning Applications

Where Can Laser Welding Be Used?


Welding of numerous parts such as air bag initiators, batteries and fuel injectors for high strength welds.


Welding of different varieties of metals is critically important in this industry while laser welding guarantees precision, no damage for the materials due to precise heat input to desired area and high strength welds.


Welding is used in the production of various electronic components of equipment such as LED’s, mobile phones, TVs, etc. to create precise and complicated joints.

Lazerinis Suvirinimo taškas po valymo


A whole range of materials can be worked with in this process:

  • Various Plastics, including transparent plastics.
  • Silicone
  • Metals (Stainless-Steel, Copper, Gold, Silver and Aluminium)


High integrity, hermetic seals and welds of many precise pieces of innovative medical equipment for ultimate precision.


Small welds are created in micro sized semiconductor parts because of laser welding precision and possibility to create complicated joints.

Furniture Manufacturing

Precise aluminum and steel components welding with laser possibility to keep a memory of desired parameters for next welding to achieve consistent results and save up a lot of preparation time.


  • Close to zero physical distortion – when thin large sheets are joined, laser welding avoids thermal and physical distortion of the end product without additional processing.
  • Low welding oxidation – Fiber laser welding method provides ultimately precise heat input to desired area with narrow full penetration weld which makes an aesthetic final result.
  • Excellent mechanical properties – laser welding does not affect material or its structural properties.
  • Easy to operate even for weld beginners – due to laser welding memory of set up parameters.
  • Very high efficiency – laser welding is >5 times faster than MIG and >10 times faster to TIG.
  • Long and wide sheets welding
  • Cost efficient welding solution – low energy consumption.
  • Allows welding of sheets with different steel grades and dimensions.


  • Relatively high single-time investment costs compared to traditional methods.
  • Fiber laser welding requires a tight fit between the parts to be joined. In many cases it is best to redesign the joint locations to present overlapping surfaces.
  • Limited material thickness (today’s maximum 10mm single sided).

Where Can Laser Cleaning Be Used?

Material texturing

During laser cleaning process it is possible to leave texture pattern on the desired area, which helps to improve paint or bonding adhesion.


Cleaning engine parts like pistons, cylinder head, intake manifold and other parts from oil, scale and other deposits.


Restoration of paintings, furniture, sculptures or buildings.

Lazerinis Valymas Iš Arti


Wide range of materials can be worked with in this process: 
metals (stainless-steel, copper, gold, silver and aluminum etc.),
lastic and rubber,wood, stone, compounds and more;

Weld processing

Degreasing materials before welding and removing oxidation after welding process.

Paint removal

Laser cleaning opens possibility to remove paint from various surfaces, keeping base material undamaged. This process allow user to remove paint layer by layer (probing) to get desired result.


  • Contactless technology – with no thermal damage for the base material.
  • Eco-friendly – without any chemicals and only energy consumption.
  • High precision on desired area with various power and size settings.
  • Quick preparation and easy to learn – takes 5 minutes to start working.
  • Compact and portable – easy to move and change work locations.
  • Various applications – cleaning of metals, wood, plastic and many other surfaces.


  • Relatively high single-time investment costs compared to traditional methods.

Laser cleaning method is highly recommended for applications where it is important to precisely clean the desired area and keep base material undamaged.

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