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Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser cleaning is used to clean various coatings (oil, rust, oxides, paints) from the surface of various materials (metals, silicone, plastic, concrete, etc.). With laser cleaning, you can also clean casting molds, texturize metal surfaces, restore sculptures, paintings, clean graffiti and much more.

During laser cleaning, pulsed energy (mJ) is used, thanks to which we affect only the surface coating (rust, paint, grease, grease, oxides) and vaporize it. Different coatings require different pulse energy to clean. The result of laser cleaning is undamaged surface material and effectively removed coating.

Laser cleaning does not damage the surface of the cleaned material. With the help of the settings of the laser cleaning device, the energy level is selected only for vaporizing the coating (for rust, oxides, oil, paint, etc.).

Laser cleaning will effectively clean various coatings from metals, wood, plastic, silicone.

Diodela laser machines have CE certificates.

With laser cleaning you can reach up to 20 um roughness.

Our laser systems can be used both manually and with a robotic arm.

Yes, laser cleaning equipment can effectively remove graffiti.

On average our laser cleaning trainings take 1 day. During the trainings the user receives safety and maintenance information and trainings for practical skills. After the trainings user will be able to ensure a safe work environment, safely operate the laser system, perform all the necessary maintenance for the laser machine and get high-quality cleaning results. Depending on the client’s preference, trainings can be organized at company premises or during the online call.

Laser cleaning is recommended for cleaning coatings up to 1 mm in thickness.

Yes, we can do an individual demonstration and answer all your questions using the video conferencing platform or at our company premises.

We can also perform cleaning work with the samples you sent, record the cleaning process, take pictures of the cleaned materials and send all the materials and cleaned samples to you.

Contact us by e-mail or phone, indicate which materials and coatings you would like to clean and we will be happy to consult you. We also invite you to come to us for a live consultation, bringing your own samples that we can test (by appointment only).

Diodela’s laser cleaning system prices start from 12 000 Eur. Contact us for more information

You can see the laser cleaning process on our YouTube channel (, during a Zoom call or by coming to us for a live consultation (by appointment only).

Diodela laser cleaning equipment specifications can be found on page 5 of our catalog (find a link for the catalogue below all questions).

The radiation of the laser cleaning system has no negative effects on human skin and acts like normal light. However, it can damage the eyes, therefore, it is necessary to use the protective measures recommended by Diodela (to wear special safety glasses). Source:

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