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Diodela is Expanding to Asia

Representation Office in Taiwan

Diodela is expanding to Asia and its first representation office is now open in Taiwan. Our new partners completed the training and are ready to demonstrate Diodela’s laser welding systems in Taipei.

According to Diodela’s Business Development Manager Eimantas, ‘We are proud that Diodela’s laser welding systems are internationally recognized and will now be available for Taiwanese companies that seek innovation. Taiwan is a promising market for Diodela since it has plenty of industrial companies working in the electronics, semiconductor, metal products, and machinery sectors. Despite any cultural differences, we all seek quality, precision, and effectiveness in our manufacturing processes’.

First Workshops

On December 22-23rd we organized our first laser welding workshop in Taipei, Taiwan. Together with our partners, we demonstrated Diodela’s laser welding systems for industrial companies working in various manufacturing fields. The workshop focused on companies that are active in the welding field and want to explore the benefits of laser technology. During the workshop, we shared the best practices of laser welding, extensive information on using laser welding manually, and integrating with robot technology.

More And More Companies Choose Laser Welding

Laser welding is an effective solution for industrial processes that will help to achieve strong and aesthetic welds using fewer resources. Laser welding ensures low welding oxidation, no thermal distortion, high speed (up to 5 m/min), and consumes less electricity.

Diodela is a manufacturer of innovative laser welding and laser cleaning machines. We offer multi-functional products for various industrial applications. Innovative and quality Lithuanian laser technology is already trusted by many European welders in industrial processing, military, scientific research, and aerospace.

Contact us for any questions via sales@diodela.lt

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