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Diodela’s Distribution Center in Switzerland

Distribution center in Switzerland

Diodela starts a year of 2023 with a new partner in Switzerland and from February the distribution center for Diodela’s laser welding systems welcomes in Zurich. Local demonstrations of our equipment, sales, trainings and technical support are now available for Swiss companies.

According to Jonas Jaehn, Sales Manager of Didoela, “Switzerland and the companies established there are known for their high-quality standards, so it is not surprising that companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their production processes and products. Diodela laser systems meet all Swiss quality requirements and surpass local alternatives in terms of efficiency and sustainability”.

Laser welding over conventional technologies

Laser welding is an effective solution for industrial processes that will help to achieve strong and aesthetic welds using fewer resources. Diodela’s laser welding systems:

  • Create high-strength welds that can be monolithic (without filler metal);
  • Smart and easy use: an integrated touch screen allows saving parameters to achieve consistent results;
  • High-speed welding – up to 5 m/min.
  • Aesthetic results with no damage to the materials;
  • Works 24/7 and consumes less electricity;
  • Together with these innovative systems, we offer fast and customer-oriented support.

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